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Hire Nuriya, Professional Belly Dancer in Sacramento, For Your Next EventHiring A Belly Dancer for Your Event


Is the show appropriate for children?
Yes, the belly dance show is family-friendly. Nuriya does not perform at all-male venues or bachelor parties.  If children are present, they are encouraged to join the dance!

Will the dancer bring music? If so, what kind?
Nuriya will provide a CD of Middle Eastern music or bring an Ipod.  The type of Middle Eastern music can vary according to the host’s preferences (classical, pop, etc). The venue should provide the sound system (louder is usually better). Usually Nuriya will stay out of sight until the music has begun playing.

How far in advance should I make the booking?
It is always better to book Nuriya for your event sooner than later. If you are flexible about the time that the show begins, last minute shows can often be worked in. However, belly dancers are in increased demand during the holidays, wedding season, and on weekends.  Consequently, evenings during these times tend to book out completely.

Is tipping appropriate?
Yes, and always encouraged, unless the host has requested otherwise. Tips may be tucked into Nuriya’s belt, thrown above her head as a “money shower,” placed into the “tipping pot” that Nuriya balances on her head, or added to the payment.

What is the payment and downpayment policy?
The downpayment (50% of the performance cost, nonrefundable) is due at the time of contract signing.  The payment is due immediately prior to Nuriya’s performance . You can pay with cash, personal check (which must clear at least 24 hours before the event), money order, or Paypal (in advance).

What if I am interested in hiring more than one belly dancer?
Any reputable belly dancer will be affiliated within a network of other professional belly dancers. Nuriya collaborates frequently with other professional dancers, artists, and musicians to provide performances for large venues.

What if I would like this to be a surprise performance?
Nuriya has done a variety of surprise parties and is happy to arrive at a designated time, and remain out of sight (guest room, office, garage, separate entrance) until performance time.

What about out of town and international shows?
Nuriya lives in the Sacramento area, but is available for both domestic and international travel. Shows outside of Northern California will need to be booked in advance but are easily accommodated. (The client will pay the nightly booking fee, plus travel and lodging expenses.)

What about an event where guests are allowed to dress up in Nuriya’s costumes?
Nuriya’s professional costumes are custom made for her performance specifications. Each costume is one-of-a-kind and is almost entirely hand made, including heavy beading and crystals.  There are many wonderful retailers online that Nuriya can recommend where guests can put together a wonderful classic belly dance outfit for an affordable price.

Why are belly dancers so costly?
Traditionally, hiring a belly dancer was a luxury addition to an event. Each of Nuriya’s costumes costs upwards of several hundreds of dollars, even into the thousands, on certain occasions.  Props are costly as well, as is the training needed for their proper mastering.  Lastly, a true professional belly dancer will have her hair, make-up, and nails professionally done prior to any event.  If cost is prohibitive, a belly dancing student can often be hired for a nominal fee.  But remember, audiences frequently remember the quality of the entertainment, and as with all things in life, you get what you pay for.