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Nuriya, Professional Belly Dancer in Sacramento, CANuriya Originals Costumes and Consulting


Every dancer needs quality, flattering costumes.  Contact Nuriya if you are a dancer or performer in need of a professional, couture belly dance costume.  Samples of Nuriya’s work can be found in the media gallery (see photos).  Nuriya offers the following services:

Costume Design
Nuriya provides costume consulting services which range from helping tweak an already-existing design into the perfect look or designing a costume from scratch (all designs are copyrighted by Nuriya Belly Dance).

Costume Construction
Nuriya can construct a complete unique, one of a kind costume for professional dancers.  She will work with you to design the right style, fit, and use the right materials based on your price range.

Costume Repair/Revamping
Ever had that costume that needed a little bit of TLC or transformation into a more modern or flattering style?  Contact Nuriya for help in saving a loved costume or creating a new costume from an already-existing one.