Award Winning Professional Bellydancer in Sacramento
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IMG_5842Meet Nuriya, An Award-Winning Professional Belly Dancer



Nuriya is a multi award-winning professional belly dancer based in northern California. Nuriya is a trained Middle Eastern/American Cabaret bellydancer.  She has studied Egyptian, Khaliji, Turkish, Latin, and Polynesian influences of belly dance. Her style can be characterized as elegant, graceful, full of emotion, and exciting.


Nuriya has a deep love of dance and enjoys studying various forms of dance, in addition to belly dance.  Her performances are sensational, and she is known for getting parties started and inviting guests to dance with her.


Nuriya offers a very professional experience from her custom-designed costumes to her devotion and respect of the dance, to her passionate love of Middle Eastern music.  She is regularly hired to perform at popular venues that feature belly dancing.


Nuriya has been hired for weddings, birthdays, cultural events, holiday parties, graduations, festivals, church events, corporate events, bellygrams, haflas, and special events. She specializes in Egyptian cabaret-style belly dance (raks sharqi) and enjoys incorporating various props into her dance (including but not limited to: finger cymbals/zills, sword, veil, double veils, Isis wings, candleabra, and cane).


She has studied with international talents: Randa Kamel, Raqia Hassan, Lubna Emam, Khaled Mahmoud, Camelia of Cairo, Tito Seif, Faten Salama, and countless others.


Nuriya teaches private lessons in Sacramento and the Bay area. When she is not performing or teaching, she competes at bellydance competitions (Nuriya recently won Queen of Raks Sharqi at the Ahlan Cairo Nights competition – the only US competition completely judged by Egyptian dancers and master instructors/choreographers) and writes for national belly dance magazines and websites such as Cheeky Girl Productions and the Gilded Serpent.


Nuriya is available for both national and international travel.


Read further to find out how to hire Nuriya or contact her at or via phone at (916) 520-4477.